They say that I brux,

A four letter word with no exclamation.

It’s the name they give to the pain,

Of trying to grind your body to dust.

Of trying to keep the scars from bleeding

Of trying to forget that tomorrow is still coming.

A brutal physical manifestation,

Of the calcified sorrows and anguish,

And perpetual knowledge of inferiority,

That therapy and valium have yet to dissolve.

I’m now left wondering,

How much more agony would it be

To face those emotional crypts,

Than to keep on fracturing my own teeth?

(c) Accidental Tentacles 2017

29 thoughts on “Bruxism

  1. Damn, you’ve managed to put this pain into words so perfectly – it’s so shitty having to choose between several painful/destructive coping mechanisms that do actually help you in that moment of need but cause long-term damage, like ‘which of these evils is the least evil?’ It’s so hard to think of yourself in the long-run when you an’t even see yourself surviving til bedtime. Ugh. You’ve nailed it though, that sense of hopelessness and helplessness.
    And, thanks to you, ‘brux’ has now officially been added to my lexicon! Excellent writing xx

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    • Awww thanks for your kind comments. It truly sucks when you think you’re holding your shit together by doings you weird daily avoidance dances, but your body keeps on fucking up all over the shop to remind you that, no, you are not OK and furthermore you suck at dancing.

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  2. Ah yes, I’ve tried everything…TMJ exercises, dental guard, Indian head massage, acupressure, meditation. But nothing stops me grinding my teeth down to dust…or leaving permanent teeth marks in my tongue 😦

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