Keeping that coin poised

just so, over the expectant slot.

Holding our breaths despite the darkness,

bleeding on in.


The way out is already well-mapped.

Change is just a coin-drop away.

You said I’m nothing without this dark,

That I’m broken but safe if I stay.


I felt a scream about to crystallize,

To shatter our wine-glass life.

But I’m still waiting for permission,

to let this strained voice out.


I want to shake you,

Break this cruel static buzz,

Drop the penny,

Take the ride to the bright other side.


But the air is granite, I can’t breathe in.

I’m still keeping that coin poised,

Right over my future.


Don’t think I’ll ever be ready,

To step out the door,


What the hell am I waiting for.

© Accidental Tentacles 2020

2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Really like the metaphor of the penny ride here. Cool to think of ‘waiting for the penny to drop’, waiting for you to understand why you’re waiting. Also like ‘shatter our wine glass life’. Very suggestive of a certain poshness but not one exclusive to rich people.

    Liked by 1 person

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