I don’t know who either of us are any
A pair of shadows chasing each other’s fears.
Faceless and hungry.
Exhausted from the relentless cold.

The grey, it spreads it’s vines,
Into our sights and out through the windows,
Grabbing the night and pulling it, like a bedsheet,
Over our heads and across our days.

The last time I looked up,
The green trees were itching to pollinate,
But now the flush is over,
And autumn will collect its decaying bounty.
How did I miss all the days in-between?

There is nothing else left to do.
Just the shed full of fireworks and a single match.
We wanted to save them.
Wait for something worthy to celebrate.
But something never came.

Now we crave something shiny,
A crack in the silhouette,
Something to throw this monotone,
confession into turmoil.
A beacon to those near enough,
To know we are still alive.

© Accidental Tentacles 2020

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