The world became too much one day in June,
Dark tendrils of fear suffocating your journey,
Numbers and opinions so deafeningly loud,
And so you existed elsewhere.

Nothing but a white void,
Above and below,
Dimensionless and textureless,
Static and silent.

This place was luminous, safe and sterile,
Too stark a sudden shift.
Each closing blink drew familiar black,
And you thought of the dragon then.

The air was different, you opened your eyes.
A patient sentinel watched for intruders.
Cocooning you with a chamber of wings,
Sheltering you from the bright abyss.

I don’t know how long you stayed like that,
Adrenaline and cortisol dissolved,
But isolation wasn’t the solution you sought.
The the void was waiting to breathe in.

Wings shifted apart so you could see.
Streams of concepts and memories approached.
Each annihilated by colourless fire,
Until something worse saving appeared.

Just one thing.

And you let it right in to your safehaven.

You never told me what it was,
I don’t suppose it matters,
But now you had company and protection,
And your companion silently comforted you.

The stream of attacks became a dribble,
And your companion gently separated the dragon’s wings.
A moment of panic threatened to rise,
as they took a step back out.

Wheresoever you companion chose to step,
the ground became solid & tangeable.
Grass and flowers grew in their wake, forming a chaotic path.

The dragon stretched her great wings wide.

You took those first steps,
Fresh mossy grass under foot,
Not knowing where they would take you.

For some time the dragon flew overhead,
Primed to defend,
But unwanted guests no longer loomed,
And so you set her free.

Each step left and each step right,
Fell in time with your steady heartbeat.
Resolution took the form of a green door,
Frame covered in ivy and honeysuckle.

You could hear the muffled sounds,
See flickering shadows through a crack.
The other side was still dark and loud,
But you were hungry for hope.

And you came on back to me.

© Accidental Tentacles 2021

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