Orb Weaver

I miss the balcony weaver.She provided alternating waves,Of adrenalin and wonder,Her delicate work,Collecting tiny beads,Of diffracting dew. The winter descended during that summer,Scraping off your skin,And every thought was sticky and wide-eyed. Let us be quite clear;No-one can survive themselves.You … Continue reading


The world became too much one day in June,Dark tendrils of fear suffocating your journey,Numbers and opinions so deafeningly loud,And so you existed elsewhere. Nothing but a white void,Above and below,Dimensionless and textureless,Static and silent. This place was luminous, safe … Continue reading


The private monsters,

of motivation and justification,

Swill around the depths unchecked.

Matured by years of bad decisions,

And nebulous consequences.


Don’t make the mistake,

Of thinking mine are just like yours.

The horizon is closing,

So I’m disciplining my monsters,

Because I’d rather be able to live with myself.

© Accidental Tentacles 2020