Homeopathic fire-breather


I’d love to know how this one.

Solitary. Chemical.

Will navigate acid, villi and p450s

To cross the boundary,

Between blood and brain.

After such an arduous journey,

Do you really think,

It can remember why you sent it there?

Or from whence it came?

Remind me again,

How a molecule. Singular.

Swallowed in water,

Is going to influence

Half a million raphe nuclei,

Spitting out 5-hydroxytryptamine like goddamed faulty firecrackers,

And how that same molecule,

Will go on to soothe an army

Of overworked adrenergic neurons.

This isn’t a game of domino’s,

My dear.

You know damned well,

That for the placebo to work,

The explanation needs to contain dragons.

(c) Accidental Tentacles 2017

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